Why soak certain foods? Because soaking makes things more digestible, especially for those of us who get gassy or bloated easily. It is a simple step and can make a world of a difference on how you feel after a meal with beans, legumes, peas, dried fruit or nuts.

Soaking reduces the amount of dryness (which can cause bloating and gas) as it heightens the water element in the food. This water element supports the digestive fire as it breaks down the food in the stomach. When you cook, add some salt, pepper and turmeric, these spices will also help cut down on the air quality in beans and legumes.

If you notice that some of these foods create discomfort try immersing 1/2 - 1 cup in room temperature water over night. Cover while they rest and then rinse and cook as directed. If you are soaking nuts or seeds, allow to soak no more than 8 hours, then rinse and lay on cooking sheet and dry in oven set at the lowest temperature for about 6 hours. If you are going to consume the nuts or seeds right away, no need to dry them. Dried fruit is not always easily digested by everyone either so soaking it in warm water for 30-60 minutes can help.

To make soaking more pleasing think about getting a pretty bowl or container that you find aesthetically pleasing. That way, when you need to soak something you can place it on the counter as more of an art piece and less of something that you see as clutter.