Ayurveda views food as having a certain taste (rasa), energy: hot or cold (virya), and post digestive effect (vipak). These three qualities in food and herbs can determine a lot on how the body digests the substance and how compatible it is in combination with other things. A prolonged eating habit with incompatible foods can stress out the digestive system creating many complications in the body including toxic buildup, allergies, congestion and irregular bowels.

Many of the combinations below are a staple for most Americans, for ex: eggs and cheese, seafood chowder, banana splits, banana and yogurt smoothies, yogurt and fruit, cheeseburgers, beans and cheese etc. No wonder there are so many people with stomach issues.

Click here for a great reference table that outlines the foods that you do NOT want to eat together. Watch yourself closely and see how many of these combination you eat in a day and slowly start to make some changes. Your gut health depends on it.