Healing is an ever evolving process that we can discover again and again. There is never an end point but there is always a journey and that journey is where the juiciness of life takes place!
— Staraya McKinstry, Owner

Alaska Root

Our main focus is on well being. We do so with Yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, diet/lifestyle, travel, joy and self love.  Alaska is where my roots are, however, I have traveled and studied many places around the globe. I have found that the real happiness to my seeking, always resides within me. My only job is to remember that I carry this true happiness and wellness within me. And I want to remind you that you do as well.

And so Alaska Root offers, a chance to tap in, to follow a dream, to take a time out, to learn something new, to remind yourself of something lost, to give you tools on how to live a vibrant life. The joy that can be found on all walks of life, no matter who you are, is the real magic in life.


We offer yoga classes, retreats and training's so that you can find what fits your needs in amazing places that will give yourself time to connect to nature and your soul.


Workshops and personal consultations are offered as a way to better understand your body and personality so that you can better recognize what it takes to keep yourself happy, healthy and vibrant.


Paired with the yoga practice, this piece is super important on connecting with your True Self, the part of you that is always whole, complete, happy and shining.


Certain types of people do better with certain foods and different activities, it is important to figure out how to balance your internal environment with every day choices.


Sometimes it is important to nest, ground and nurture yourself, your family, and enjoy some time being still. Other times your spirit urges you to go see new things and soak up something new. When that time calls, come join us as we dive into local culture, ceremony, nature and adventure in order to connect deeper with ourselves.  When we can connect we can bring such diversity and beauty to this world. It is when we can see the connectedness of us all that we can understand the immense impact we all have by being true to ourselves and by living our lives to the fullest. 

There are endless ways to reclaim your health and joy in life. Pick and choose or experience them all, whatever you decide, we wish you a very happy, healthy and vibrant life! 


We realize that there are many products out there and it is sometimes overwhelming to discern which ones are safe and clean and which ones should be avoided. Included below are links to companies who I have researched, studied, visited, and personally consumed. And we feel confident in my ability to recommend them consciously and full heartedly to you. We will try and update these with the latest deals and sales (click through no mater what in order to get the best current deals) so that you can benefit from these amazing products as you live a happy and healthy life!